Be Planet POZitive 💜🌏🌱

To date, Planet Earth has been losing a battle where individuals neglect the well-being of society in pursuit of personal gain. This leads to over-consumption and ultimately depletion of our common resources, to everybody's detriment.


$POZ is the solution to flip this equation by making the good actions worth more than the bad.  Because individual actions create change. Enter Pozzle Planet, and a crypto-economy built on real actions emerges.

Being 'Planet POZitive' has nothing to do with the typical greenwashing actions we don't trust anymore. Each person can contribute as much as they want to a greater good, large or small, because even the smallest actions become as big as planets in the Pozzleverse. 

The more action you take ⚡ = the more impact you create ☄️ = the more $POZ you make 👛

$POZ is a crypto with an impact beyond currency. Through the Pozzle Planet game app, $POZ gives value to everyday activities by everyday people that make our (real) world a better place. Any activity that can have a real-life positive impact on a moment, a day, a life, the planet, or the world around us, is rewarded with $POZ.


We call this our 'impact-2-earn' model, which has the vast potential to give meaningful income to anyone making a positive impact through Pozzle Planet.

Changing the planet by creating others 🪐


On the Pozzle Planet app, each time you join a real-life activity a video, a Pozzle piece is added to a Pozzle Planet. The more Pozzles the community adds, the bigger and more interesting the Pozzleverse becomes. As the Pozzleverse grows so does the corresponding positive impact here on Planet Earth.


So, your Pozzles are pieces of a larger collective impact.

Read more in Pozzle Planet's 💜Purplepaper


Doxxed team, founders have been building together for 2yrs+ and the entire core team has been building Pozzle Planet since Q3 2021.

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