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Pozzlenauts are the first protocol-utility omnichain 'ONFT' minted using Layer Zero and the first impact/environmental project incorporating Layer Zero. This means you will be able to use and transfer your Pozzlenaut on any chain. When your Pozzlenaut moves chains, you'll see the 'chain paint' stripes change colour to indicate which chain it's currently on.


Pozzlenauts are also the first to launch as an initial fundraising round for a protocol. They are the flagship ONFT series of Pozzle Planet, an Impact-2-Earn protocol & social platform powered by its native token $POZ, a crypto that rewards you for joining activities that make a positive impact on the planet.

Each Pozzlenaut is linked to a powerpack of $POZ tokens that are auto-staked in the Pozzle protocol to generate passive yield, that will unlock in the future.