The first pioneers of the Pozzleverse are called the Astros. Being the earliest human beings exposed to $POZ, this group of legendary astronauts seek to build the Pozzle Space Station as a beacon to spread $POZitivity to the rest of  humanity.

Space Race 2500 is the first expedition of the 'impact-2-earn' Pozzleverse, with a goal to onboard 2,500 Earthlings to become Pozzle Astros and join the race to the 🛰️ Pozzle Space Station.

1st Place = 2,500 💠 $POZ

2nd - 10th Place = 250 💠$POZ

+ 1 random draw = 250 💠$POZ

*$POZ prizes will linearly vest over 24 months. 

How to win?
When 2,500 Pozzle Astros have arrived at the Pozzle Space Station, the Astro with the most $POZ earned from the Space Race stages will win. 

ℹ️ IMPORTANT: To be eligible for prizes, you must maintain your Greenlist.

To increase your position in the Space Race 2,500, get a friend to
signup here and add your email address as the referral. 

Why a Space Race?

We are on a mission to make $POZ the planet-POZitive currency that increases the value of good actions over bad. The first 2,500 Astros travelling to the Pozzleverse will unlock demand for $POZ that will increase it's value and impact on Planet Earth.

Good luck and may the $POZ be with you!

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